Exclusive Benefit for MHEDA & MHI Member Companies:

Place this FREE video on your company’s website to retain and recruit top talent

What is it? (Free member service)

Working directly with members, this video has been created by MHEDA & MHI for our member companies to use on your own website. It is intended to help communicate to students and recent graduates the vast opportunities and career paths available in the Material Handling and Supply Chain industry – and will help you attract the young, skilled talent you need to grow and succeed!

Available to members only, this program offers you 3 options:

Option 1 - FREE video

This option allows you to post this video as is, directly onto your website. It includes all video hosting and bandwidth and will work globally on any smartphone, tablet or browser.

  • Fill out the order form below, and you can access a pre-built video player that you can use to embed this video on your website. This video player is optimized for playback and is free from third party advertisements and will not promote unrelated videos, as you typically see on free video hosting platforms.
  • Optionally, when you fill out the form, you can also download the video file and upload it to your own YouTube account, or video hosting service.

Option 2 - Personalized with YOUR company logo

This option allows you to include a personal touch to this video, by integrating your logo and call to action to the end of the video. An example of a call to action can be, “Read our employee testimonials below, and then click on our OPEN POSITIONS tab to see our full list of job openings.”

  • Receive a branded video to use on any web page. i.e. recruitment or career web pages
  • Use a personalized Call To Action
  • Add company logo to brand video
  • $100 one-time cost

Option 3 - Fully Customized for your Company

This option allows you to fully customize the video at a greatly discounted fee. You can also create additional videos for your recruitment or marketing efforts. Complete the order form below, and our partners at WorkerBee.TV will contact you directly and work with you to develop a video solution that meets your company needs.

We hope you find value in this video program. Regardless of the option you choose, the delivery of your video will include a checklist and guide to help you maximize the use of this video in your recruitment efforts.

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